Supply Preacher & Interim Pastor List

Leader: Administration

 Note to Supply Preachers and Prospective Preachers: 

To be listed by the association as available for supply you must...

1.      Be a member in good standing of an SBC church with a written recommendation from your senior pastor sent to the association.

2.      Also, if you are from outside the association, you must also send a written recommendation from the director of missions of your current association.

3.      NOTE:  Each year by January 1 the preacher is responsible to confirm his information and contact numbers to the RRVBA office.  Email:  Mail:  2320 Clarksville St., Paris, TX  75460

Why are Supply Preachers being asked to do this?

Each church is free to ask anyone to come and preach, but the association wants to have a minimum standard for the preachers we post.  We feel it is important that supply preachers are accountable and are in good standing with a local SBC church.  The RRVBA wants to confirm the above as a minimum for the benefit of our churches.  If you have a question, please call the Director of Missions at 903-785-2890.

Please contact these individuals directly as to their availability.

Ronnie Buchanan          903-413-2555
Wade Eadie                     903-812-1143
Jack Elliott                      903-785-4142 or 903-249-1005
Bryan Fellers                  913-302-2432
Marck Gibson                 501-580-3990
Anthonie Hagood          903-227-8888 
Nick Holloway               903-272-6581
Randall Scott                 903-785-1928
Tommy VanDeaver       903-427-6916
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